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  Sabrina Ganter

Life’s too short to be average!”……..
Tick tock Tick Tock- time!
Goes to slow-Goes to quick- Never enough hours in the day….

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Since starting Body Mosaic in 2006 I have tried to work around time and allow it to work for me and my clients. We all have busy days and lives and trying to work, care for your family and still find time for you can be a huge juggling act sometimes a almost impossible one. But in saying that we need to prioritize ourselves else if we don’t and loose our health and fitness we will not be able to enjoy the time lift in our lives as we get older. You really want to add life to the years you have. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal and we are responsible for our own bodies, mind and soul…  
When looking in the mirror; what do you see? It really isn’t about what others think it is about you it’s about been happy with what you see looking back at you. When you open your cupboard can you wear everything hanging in it that you have worked hard to buy, are you excited to get up in the morning and get dressed for the day? If you are batting with your answers or understand where I am coming from then you know how important it is to get back on track or have someone to help you refocus. Piece by Piece I will help you put it all together again and with hard work and determination and all my endless experience and knowledge we can do this!    
I started my journey in the health and beauty industry when I was 19yrs old. I opened a salon called Professional Health & Beauty Studio. The idea was to sculpt woman and men’s bodies by using electro therapy technology. We had our machines designed in Holland and I absolutely knew I found my niche and purpose. Even though we did beauty etc... I knew I loved the body and how it changed and how diets and stress affect your results so I decided to study further and completed my diploma in personal training & nutrition through ETA in Pretoria. In saying that life throws curve balls and mine was my family deciding to immigrate to NZ and we had to sell the salon as I couldn’t run it on my own. I managed to end up in travel! And what an experience travelled to the most exotic places and met awesome people but in those 4yrs all I spoke about was health and fitness- It’s in me and that won’t change so I decided to take a risk and open my own personal training studio. I invested in one of the first Power Plates in Johannesburg and have never looked back. I have helped many people achieve their goals. I have perfected the programs and eating plans and have since invested in a machine that can take your results one step further. Once achieving your results often it happens that you have stubborn fat (fat pockets) that just won’t go well that is where new technology comes in. The 4-1 Cavi-vac is the answer to your prayers! Finally a place where we can take you from beginning to end and even further…..