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I started power plate exactly a year ago and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Sabrina has turned my body around. When I first started I was very hesitant. I am not very athletically inclined. I had been doing pilates for a year and had been finding that I was not losing the weight. When I went to Sabrina, she asked me how quickly did I want to lose the weight and I said slowly. I have found that I have lost weight but more importantly I have gained muscle and toned my body. I have enjoyed the exercises but I really think that it is the trainer who makes the difference. Sabrina does wonders on the power plate and she really knows how to maximize the power plate. You never walk away feeling in pain but feeling like you had the best workout. She listen to you the client and I think that is what makes all the difference. I have recommended her to a few people and they have loved the power plate!! I would not hesitate to tell people to join!!  
- Shana    
I’ve been training with Sabrina for a few months and I’m seeing good results not only in toning but also in energy levels because of the minor diet changes that Sabrina has suggested. I specifically wanted to increase muscle tone and fitness without losing weight and with the supplements and training that Sabrina has suggested I am achieving this. I really enjoy Sabrina’s friendly, down-to-earth approach and highly recommend her.    
- Renee     
As a cynic I never thought the Powerplate would be a viable training medium. However, with Sabrina's exemplary training regime I am a true convert and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.    
- Chandru